Perfection Celebrates Milestone 20th Company Anniversary!

For many of us at Perfection Property Restoration, 1993 seems like a lifetime ago. Bill Clinton had just taken office, the Chicago Bulls won their 3-peat national championship and the World Trade Center was bombed for the first time. Jurassic Park had taken over the box office, songs such as “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston were number one on the charts and the ’90s had really only just begun.

Owner David Heitman was living in Freeport at this time and, true to his entrepreneurial spirit, started Perfection Property Restoration with just $100, a pick-up truck and a portable carpet cleaning machine. Starting off very small, Perfection was strictly a carpet cleaning company that steadily built itself into one of the largest professional restoration companies in the Midwest.

According to David, in the early days of Perfection, there was no time for rest. He hit the pavement nightly and went door-to-door at restaurants and other local businesses, where he struck up relationships and sold our carpet cleaning services. During the day, he delivered flyers throughout residential neighborhoods and slowly (without today’s conveniences, such as the internet and Smart phones) built up a local brand awareness. Eventually, he began advertising in the Yellow Pages and receiving work from both residential customers as well as large commercial establishments, such as local department stores, Wal-Mart and Kay’s.

During those early days, David remembers accompanying his carpet cleaners to every job to ensure they got started properly…And then quickly falling asleep on the store’s display furniture so he could rest up and do the residential jobs at night! We have a laugh at these memories now, but the early days of Perfection created an unbreakable company backbone and deep-seated, hard-working character that remains a firm fiber in the blanket of our company beliefs and values.

Building Perfection and creating a strong foothold in the carpet cleaning industry (and, later, the water damage and fire damage restoration industry) has truly been a non-stop, 24/7 job for the last 20 years – But David wouldn’t have it any other way. His brother, Barry Heitman, joined the Perfection team in 2000; eventually heading our Elgin (now East Dundee) branch office. Tragically, Barry passed away in 2011 – But not before making his mark on Perfection, helping build the company into what it is today and creating tight-knit bonds with everyone at both our Freeport and East Dundee offices.

The Perfection family, including employees both new and old, is proud to celebrate 20 years with the Midwest’s top water and fire damage restoration company. March 15th, 2013 marks our 20th company anniversary and we are thrilled to look back at all of the memories brought on by years past. We look forward to many, many more!

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