Water Damage Cleanup Madison WI, water damage repair madison wi

What Are The Dangers Of DIY Water Damage Cleanup?

With the growing trend towards DIY projects, the appeal towards DIY water damage cleanup projects has grown. While this does have certain benefits, it also includes several huge downfalls outweighing these benefits. Thus, the best thing to do after experiencing a flood or water damage is to contact a certified cleaning and restoration company right […]

water damage cleanup madison wi, water damage repair madison wi

Cleaning After Home Flooding

You are probably wondering what you should do after a pipe broke and is leaking water everywhere or if you just had a flood. The first and foremost step is to stop the water supply if possible and then call the professionals at Perfection Restoration in Madison, Wisconsin to get your home back in tip-top […]

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What Causes Flooding?

Water has a mind of its own, no matter where it comes from. It has a tendency to find its way into your home when you least expect it. Flooding can be caused by a number of different factors, some poised to wreak havoc on your home. The best way to prevent this from happening […]

Water Damage Cleanup Rockford Il, water Damage Rockford Il, Water Damage Repair Rockford Il

Common Issues In Water Damage Cleanup

Apart from the common type of destruction caused by water damage, there are also many other, less thought of, hazards that come as a result. It’s important to know all the different types of issues you may encounter when dealing with water damage cleanup. If you’re not aware of all of these, you may not […]

Water Damage Cleanup Rockford IL, Water Damage Repair Rockford IL, Water Damage Rockford IL

Broken Pipes- Minimizing the Damage

Whether from a rainstorm that stresses the roof, or a cold snap that freezes the outdoor sprinkler system,  or even an earthquake that cracks a home foundation, broken pipes are always a huge problem. Water damage is a nightmare that property owners dread. It can cause thousands of dollars of damage by destroying wood furniture, […]

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