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Your Sump Pump Didn’t Get the Job Done… Now What?

A sump pump is one of the handiest water damage cleanup and prevention tools available. There is no better way for you, as a homeowner, to be fortified against water damage issues. A sump pump is a small pump that is often installed in the lowest parts of a basement or crawlspace. It can also […]

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What to Do After a Fire

From the time you enter public school, you are taught what to do when a fire happens. There are frequent fire drills and you are told how to stop, drop, and roll. But no one prepares you for the aftermath of a fire in your own home. How can you prepare for a fire and […]

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How to Fortify your Home Against Severe Weather

Living in the Rockford, Illinois area, there is a constant threat of severe weather threatening damage to your home or even personal risk to you. By taking the important steps below, you can rest a little easier knowing that your home is in the best shape to withstand any threats from Mother Nature. On the […]

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Broken Pipes- Minimizing the Damage

Whether from a rainstorm that stresses the roof, or a cold snap that freezes the outdoor sprinkler system,  or even an earthquake that cracks a home foundation, broken pipes are always a huge problem. Water damage is a nightmare that property owners dread. It can cause thousands of dollars of damage by destroying wood furniture, […]

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