Before & After Photos

Bathroom Restoration in Sandwich

This bathroom was completely destroyed by fire and we restored it to a beautiful and functional space.

Sandwich, IL Home Burned by Fire

This Sandwich home had major fire damage that had to be repaired immediately. As you can see here the windows had to be boarded up and reconstructed.

Kitchen Damaged by Fire

This used to be a kitchen before it was burnt in the fire which started when the dishwasher ignited. We restored it and you can see the boarded up window present in the before picture if you look closely.

Soot and Fire Damaged Kitchen Space in Sandwich

The soot and major fire damage is evident in this kitchen which was restored and remodeled to be habitable again after the fire.

Kitchen Island Reconstruction in Sandwich, IL

The kitchen island was completely destroyed and was rebuilt.

Living Room Rebuilt After Major Fire Damage

This house was all but lost to a fire which is believed to have started when the dishwasher ignited on the main level. The living room was a loss but was completely rebuilt.

Bedroom Fire Damage in Sandwich

The bedroom also sustained major damage as the second floor was almost completely destroyed by the fire. Luckily the inhabitants were ok and we were able to reconstruct the room.

Back Porch Reconstruction in Sandwich

The back porch was completely gutted and boarded up after the fire. It was then reconstructed.

Staircase Severely Burned in Fire

The staircase was severely damaged and burnt by the fire and smoke. It was revamped so it looks like new.

Staircase Landing Reconstructed

As you can see the fire got to the floorboard level and caused major structural damage which had to be replaced.

Window Fire Damaged Beyond Repair

This window was fire damaged and boarded up during reconstruction.

Apartment Fire Restoration in Illinois

This apartment building suffered from a major fire. We provided effective board-up services to start, provided in-depth cleaning and restoration, and finished with full reconstruction to complete the project.

We can help you return your home or business to pre-loss condition! Let our experts guide you through the process and make your restoration project as painless as possible.

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