Defining Water Damage

Water damagewater damage cleanup madison wi, water damage madison never happens at a convenient time for anyone! Especially here in Madison, Wisconsin. However, water damage in commercial and tenant properties can affect many people and be very costly if not taken care of properly.  What is considered water damage in such a large space, and how can it be prevented? Let the commercial water damage cleanup experts at Perfection Restoration answer that question!

What is considered as water damage?

In order to answer this question, we have to be able to identify the various types of places water can enter where it is not wanted.

  • Leaky Roof – Spring showers can bring more than a light drizzle.  Heavy rainstorms can cause water and moisture, unable to properly drain, to build up over time decaying and weakening the structure or roofing materials. Any sign of a leak, peeling paint or bowing of the ceiling needs immediate action to limit the amount of damage to your property.
  • Appliances – Any appliances that contain water all have the potential to malfunction and cause water damage. If the appliance is old or damaged, you run the risk of a leak occurring at any time, most inconveniently when you’re not around.  By routine maintenance and checking for potential small leaks, you can be proactive in preventing bigger problems.
  • Plumbing – It’s important to have your commercial building’s plumbing regularly inspected and maintained.  Old, rusted or cracked pipes will inevitably leak. Additionally, during winter months any plumbing may be subject to burst pipes if the water contained in the pipe starts to freeze and expand.  Taking care of small leaks will save time and money in costly repairs.
  • Sprinkler System – Properly maintained fire protection systems are critical in keeping the tenants in your building safe.  Sometimes sprinkler systems are attached to the fire protection systems.  Checking the entire system to make sure that it is not faulty or in need of replacement will prevent unnecessary water damage or malfunction.
  • Waste/Sewage Systems –  A backed up sewage line can be very frustrating to discover and causes an unhealthy situation. Backed up lines can be caused by roots in your plumbing, flooding from a storm or just a simple block in the line. No matter the cause, you will have contaminated black water flowing through the building which can cause serious health effects if not handled professionally.

How can we prevent large water losses?

Routine maintenance and communication between landlords and tenants can help prevent further damage and ensure healthier living conditions.  Performing regular maintenance on units is crucial.  The smallest of leaks have a potential of being a huge problem.  If not repaired soon enough they can grow into larger water damage issues.  Scheduling routine maintenance checks can safeguard both tenants and landlords.  If tenants are aware of their responsibilities as well as those of the property managers, communication and routine scheduling for maintenance should not be an issue.  Whether you choose quarterly or between lease agreements, it is important that they are carried out on a regular basis.  During this routine maintenance, each unit is checked for any issues that can cause future problems.

What do you do next?

If water damage affects your commercial property in the Madison area, take action! Don’t let a simple leak turn into a large problem. Call the professionals at Perfection Property Restoration.  Our emergency response team is available 24/7, and our trained technicians will assess the level of damage. With the proper equipment and knowledge, our technicians will work quickly and take the proper steps to correct the issue and return your commercial property to it’s like new condition.

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