Fire Prevention Tips For The Winter

Fire Damage Restoration Chicago, Fire Damage ChicagoThe winter season is upon us with bitterly cold winds and falling snow. It is more important than ever to practice fire safety. Most homeowners like to stay warm during these cold winter month and to accomplish this, homeowners turn on the furnace, space heater, or use the fireplace that hasn’t been used all summer long. It is crucial that homeowners have fire safety precautions in place all year round, in case a fire damage disaster does occur.

Fact: Heating equipment is the leading cause of home fires in the United States during December, January, and February.

Fire prevention tips for the winter season

  • When using space heaters be sure to follow manufactures instruction when cleaning and placing the heating unit in any space that needs to be heated. Make sure that the space heater is placed a safe distance from any flammable materials. If there are children in the area, make sure there aren’t any toys or blankets close to heating unit.
  • If you plan on using a pellet stove or fireplace, a routine cleaning of the pellet stove and fireplace chimney is an absolute must. The risk of a chimney fire increased by 60% if the fireplace is not properly maintained and cleaned. You should perform maintenance on your pellet stove and/or fireplace regularly, removing any blockages or buildup of creosote reducing the chance of a fire. You can do this yourself with a long wire-bristled brush or you can call a chimney sweep. Keep in mind, that calling in a professional is always the best option if you don’t have the expertise and equipment to properly perform the task yourself.
  • Maintain the outside of your Chicago home. Make sure that there is no debris the outside perimeter of your home. Maintain vegetation removing and dead branches or limbs.
  • Clean up dried leaves from the roof and gutters twice a year, spring and fall are good times for regular cleanings. It only takes a spark to ignite dry debris collecting on roofs and in rain gutters.

Holidays bring a variety of potential fire hazards that deserve special attention because many of the activities and situations fall outside our normal routines. Candles are a particular danger, along with flammable decorations and plant materials like Christmas trees, holiday bonfires, holiday lighting and fireworks.

  • Although candles help set the atmosphere for any family gathering make sure candles are placed up high out of reach from pets and children. Never leave candles burning while unattended.
  • When decorating your home for the holiday season avoid overloading your extension cords. Most homeowners leave their holiday lights on overnight and no one wants to wake up to an electrical fire at 1 o’ clock in the morning. When using extension cords make sure that there aren’t any heavy items sitting on the cord. Avoid running cords across heavy traffic areas of your home. Make sure that extension cords are secured and do not cause a trip hazard. Inspect the extension cord for cracking or bare wires before use. Last but not least, never add extra plug units to an extension unless the cord is rated for heavy-duty electrical usage.

If you are dealing with a fire damage disaster it is important to contact a team of trained and certified professionals as soon as possible to mitigate any damage. At Perfection, our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help those in need of fire damage clean up and repair in the Greater Chicago area. Give us a call today we will be happy to answer all of your questions, we are here for you any time even on holidays.

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