Where There is Fire, There is Smoke… and Possibly Water

Smoke Damage Restoration Rockford Il, Smoke Damage Cleanup Rockford IlWhen a fire occurs, damaging your property, it can be a devastating disaster for you and your family in the Rockford area. Although a fire can do a lot of damage to your home, sometimes putting out a fire can be just as damaging than the fire itself. Fire damage can often turn into 3 disasters in 1; the initial fire damage, water damage, and smoke damage. The team at Perfection Property Restoration has the proper knowledge and the right equipment to get the job done correctly, efficiently, and in its entirety. The experts here know how to treat smoke, soot, and water damage in your home after a fire.

Immediately After the Fire

First and foremost, call your local restoration service, like Perfection Property Restoration. We have the proper tools and expertise to move the project along correctly and efficiently. After you have made the call, you can begin doing little things to help jumpstart the process.

You should always think about safety first before starting any kind of cleaning or restoration to your home after smoke damage. Always be sure to take the proper safety precautions before you do ANYTHING. Always use a mask and gloves when entering a smoke damaged home. After you have determined the area to be safe to work in, you should take pictures. This will become useful when it comes time for your insurance claim. Next, you’ll want to remove your salvageable belongings from the damaged area to prevent further damage. Open up your windows to allow for ventilation in your home. You could even add a few fans to help get rid of the ash and dust. After you have done these things, you should wait for the professionals. They will ensure the damage is completely cleaned up and ensure there isn’t any additional damage beneath the surfaces. Water or fire can weaken the structures of your home and it’s important for a qualified professional to ensure that hasn’t happened, and fix it if it has.

Smoke Odors

There is a range of sources of smoke odors that can impact the longevity of the smell. Many smoke odors can come from cooking fires, forest fires, or even cigarette smoke.

The duration of the smoke can be a huge issue. A quicker smoke does not usually penetrate any of the porous surfaces deeply making the smell not last as long. That type of smell can be eliminated with a lot less effort than smoke from a wood burning fireplace. When you have smoke that lingers longer, the smoke can penetrate the porous surfaces deeply making the smell last longer and harder to clean out or the fibers. Soot is very light and can travel through the air easier making soot removal a major priority. You should not put off cleaning smoke damaged items. Lettings items go too long with smoke can increase the cost and also leave permanent damage to your items.

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