Perfection’s Mitch Heitman Completes Violand Management Course!

In early April of 2013, Freeport Mitigation Manager Mitch Heitman completed an intensive, week-long course through Violand Management. The Restoration Project Management class was taught by five different speakers, all offering varying specialties. Attendees learned the ins and outs of large loss project management and participated in hands-on simulations and activities. The course also detailed tips and tricks for running a project of any size smoothly from start to finish – When the initial call for service is received through payment for job completed.

Upon completion of the course, Mitch took a 200-question final examination on all topics covered throughout the week. Passage of the exam ensures that he will receive both certification as well as a diploma in Restoration Project Management from Kent State University.

The Violand Management course is recognized for packing a great deal of information and instruction into a condensed time-frame, resulting in an intense crash course designed to motivate attendees and ensure a first-rate learning experience with a lasting impact.

By continually investing in our employees, Perfection strives to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships – Both with our internal teams as well as with our clients who depend on our expertise.

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