Ice Dams – What To Expect

Ice dams can be an unfortunate side effect of winter in the Midwest. Perfection Property Restoration serves the entire Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin region, so our team sees a great deal of ice dams throughout the cold months. As a result and due to our expertise in all aspects of water restoration and mold damage, our professionals can mitigate and repair any residential or commercial damage resulting from ice dams both large and small.

But first – It’s important to know what exactly an ice dam is, how to recognize when one has formed and what causes it in the first place. After significant snowfall, snow can accumulate along the slant of a property’s roof. Heated air from inside the property can leak into the unheated attic space. This creates warm areas on the roof, located just above the unheated attic space, and, in turn, causes the snow accumulated on the roof to melt. The melted snow follows the roof slant and slides down until it reaches the cold overhang, where it will re-freeze. This ice builds up along the eaves and eventually forms a dam.

Once a dam is formed on the roof, structural damage and water damage can quickly occur. Water can back up beneath roof shingles, causing damage to a ceiling or a wall. In more serious cases, ice dams can cause roof leaks, mold and mildew to form in attics, structural framing decay, metal fasteners to corrode, damaged insulation and significant gutter and shingle damage – In addition to interior water damage.

Perfection can help with ice damming and the property problems that they can cause. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced professionals or to schedule an inspection at your property right away. We proudly service the entire Midwest region and look forward to working with you to ensure that your residential or commercial property is repaired in an efficient, stress-free manner.

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