Water Damage Restoration Crews In New Jersey!

Perfection Property Restoration’s Mobile Catastrophe Unit has responded to the East Coast!

After witnessing the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused along the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Delaware seasides, we realized that we needed to act rapidly to ensure we could help property owners with extensive damage. Our team was ready to respond at a moment’s notice and we quickly sent several capable, experienced crews in professionally equipped water damage cleanup vehicles. Our water damage company arrived in New Jersey overnight and has since been working around the clock, performing advanced water damage and restoration services for affected residential and commercial customers. We have been helping property owners affected by the New Jersey storm with all water damage cleanup and water damage restoration needs since arriving on-site and will not leave until the job is finished.

If water damage cleaning isn’t completed promptly and by a professional, experienced company, property owners run the risk of significant damage after time. Our crews also perform New Jersey mold remediation services in addition to our expert water damage and restoration.

If you have had NJ water damage, suffered damage to your home or business due to the storm in New Jersey or simply need water damage cleaning services, contact Perfection Property Restoration today by filling out our online Service Request form or by calling us toll-free at 877-962-9644. We are a proud USAA-approved water damage company with nearly 20 years of professional experience and expertise. Property owners can learn more about our water damage restoration and disaster preparedness services or see real customer testimonials.

Our 24-hour emergency response time means that, whether you live near the beach in New Jersey or further inland, our crews can be there immediately to begin helping you put your life back together. Call us today at 877-962-9644 or get in touch through our service request form for immediate contact with a professional project manager today.


As of Wednesday, November 21st, 2012, all Perfection water damage crews have returned to our Northern Illinois headquarters. While we are no longer on-site in New Jersey to perform emergency water damage cleanup, we are glad to have helped several property owners throughout the coastal regions of New Jersey, New York and Virginia. Thank you to all of our professional crews who spent time on the East Coast and worked around the clock to help property owners in an exceptional time of need.

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