Fire and Smoke Damage Do’s & Don’ts

When faced with fire damage and smoke damage, many property owners are left wondering “What’s next?” Our full service fire restoration company offers the following tips, including important Do’s and Don’ts, for property owners to consider. After calling the proper authorities, including the fire department, police department and emergency personnel, it is imperative to report the incident to your insurance company right away. Once the insurance company has begun the claim filing process on your behalf, it is essential to get in touch with an experienced, professional fire restoration company. Perfection Property Restoration boasts nearly twenty years of experience and offers a wide array of high-quality restoration services for properties of all sizes and types. We have efficiently managed everything from emergency response services to complete property rebuilds for residential, commercial and industrial structures. No job is too large or too small for our fire damage restoration team, and we proudly service the entire Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin region. Additionally, our mobile catastrophe division is always equipped and ready to respond right away to large loss disasters in any corner of the United States. The following tips are for property owners of all types to consider when dealing with the aftermath of fire damage or smoke damage at their home or business. Please keep the following Do’s and Don’ts in mind, including:



  • …Empty the refrigerator and freezer IF the electricity is off, and prop open each door with a rolled towel or newspaper.
  • …Brush or vacuum loose smoke particles from carpets and rugs, but be careful NOT to use do-it-yourself rented carpet cleaners.
  • …Close doors in affected areas to localize smoke odors as much as possible.
  • …Move all pets to a clean, healthy environment.
  • …Change the furnace filter IF the blower is operating. Tape double pieces of cheesecloth over air registers with masking tape.
  • …Wash plants with mild soap and water, taking care to clean both sides of the leaves.
  • …Call a plumber to drain and winterize the system if the heat has been turned off in the winter (if the property is vacant, for sale, a seasonal or vacation home, etc).
  • …Open windows to ventilate if possible.



  • …Attempt to wipe off or wash ceilings, walls or any other absorbent surfaces.
  • …Use televisions, stereos or other electronics until they have been properly cleaned and inspected by a professional.
  • …Consume exposed food items, beverages, medication or canned goods that have been subjected to excessive heat, fire, smoke or soot.
  • …Use any upholstered furniture, if possible.

Have questions about what to expect after a fire? Need to talk to an experienced, reputable fire restoration company? Want us to be on-site right away to assess the damage, begin work and decide together what restoration services are right for you? Just fill out our service request form or call us any time, any day at 877-962-9644. One of our experienced personnel will be in touch right away to discuss your situation and restoration needs. We look forward to connecting with you and helping homeowners and business owners navigate the sometimes-confusing fire restoration process in a professional, efficient and stress-free manner.

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